Affectionately referred to as a one woman show, Peartree & Clover is the creation of my dreams.  I built this company on the illustrations, letterings, and scribbles that adorned my university study notes. Some days I sit back and wonder how it is that I could be so lucky to do what I love every single day. Choosing Peartree & Clover for your special event or project is choosing that love, passion and strive for perfection. 

My formal education is in psychology, behavioural science, and art therapy. I'm totally qualified to run this business, right?! My education and training has adequately prepared me to serve you and your visions with the highest respect and integrity. 

Our Business Name

I am so frequently asked, "How did you come up with your name?".  Let me introduce you to me, Pear, and my special life partner, Clover. We've adorned these names since high school, during our most creative and silly years. When the rumblings of opening up a craft company began, I could only think of using these names because they reflect the essence of my creativity, my inspiration and my motivation.